What Is The HCG Diet?

    A Few Things You Should Know About The HCG Diet Plan

    Speculative comments and controversial arguments will always be there to make choosing the right way to lose weight even harder. But that does not mean one has to stop the quest for finding the best and natural cures for weight loss and other health problems. It’s necessary to initiate thorough research to get a clear idea and the right knowledge, that will help to end the dilemma and hesitation every time.


    What to Know About the HCG Weight Loss Program?

    hcg-dropsThe published report containing Dr. Simeon's research confirmed that a small amount of HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin), a naturally produced hormone in pregnant women, can accelerate the process of weight loss. To be more specific, during a research, Dr. Simeon realised that a HCG diet weight loss program, combined with the proper low calorie diet, helped his patients lose significant amount of weight in a very short period of time.


    The HCG diet is often combined with a strict low calorie program, which recommends patience to eat as low as 500 calories per day. The good news is HCG reduces appetite so much, most patients don’t feel any anxiety or uncontrollable desires to eat. His research sparkled the interest of many of his colleagues and testimonials, which started to establish HCG diet as a potent appetite suppressant.


    According to the published report, HCG diet weight loss plan works by restricting a patient's calorie intake, encouraging the human body to metabolise the unwanted fat through kidneys and helping the hypothalamus to reset the whole system encouraging a normal eating habit.


    What's HCG Weight Loss Protocol all about?


    Watch the Video below as seen on The Dr Oz Show




    The following three step phases can help to explain and understand the HCG diet weight loss process properly


    (a) The very first phase of the diet plan emphasizes on building a fat reserve by allowing unrestricted foods consumption.


    (b) In the second phase, patients are allowed to eat a low calorie diet consisting of maximum 500 calories a day while taking a particular dose of HCG.


    (c) HCG diet starts to work. A normal diet pattern is encouraged during the third phase of the diet plan.


    Many people wanted to know if the same result can be achieved by initiating a simple low calorie diet plan. But in that case, the probability of losing the good fat, responsible for producing energy, becomes high. This is due because in absence of necessary protein and vitamin; the body tends to metabolise whatever it has.


    Benefits of HCG Weight Loss Program

    (a) A serious step-by-step process of HCG helps to increase the level of testosterone and speed of metabolism.


    (b) Another benefit is the decreased inclination for consuming sweet products.


    (c) The body does not suffer any breakdown of muscles because HCG diet helps to nurture the body naturally.


    There is nothing superficial about the HCG weight loss procedure, and it can help people who struggle with weight loss problems tremendously.


    Using HCG weight loss supplements

    Some people who choose the HCG diet to lose weight, sometimes go to a doctor to get the HCG hormone injected and make sure they get the right dosage amount. Conveniently there are now HCG supplementation that comes in a form of drops and tablets that can help you get dramatical weight loss results.


    To get the best of the diet you need to combine the drops or tablets with an HCG diet plan, where you will be eating really low calories. The combination of these 2 tools will lead to weight loss results.


    It is important to understand, who will be suitable for incorporating this weight loss plan. It’s undeniable that each and every person has a different health condition or medical reason responsible for unnatural weight gain.


    Most people do really well with this diet and the testimonials are great, but if you are unsure if this diet is for you, a detail analysis and clear understanding about your physical condition can help you avoid any unexpected situations and gain the maximum benefits of this specific diet program.


    Finding The Best HCG Diet Supplement

    Some people may believe they can lose weight by simply eating 500 calories a day, but there are actually several benefits to properly supplementing with the HCG hormone while on a low calorie diet.


    hcg-diet-planWithout the proper use of the HCG hormone in the diet, the body will start burning muscle mass instead of burning stored fat for energy. This will cause the body to feel tired, weak and with low energy.


    The HCG hormone helps the body target abnormal fat, instead of using muscle for energy; giving the body the fuel and energy it needs to thrive on a 500-calorie diet.


    After the HCG diet plan became popular, there was a high demand to make the supplement easier to take and more accessible to people.

    Initially HCG hormones were given to patience using inconvenient injections. Now most people use oral drops or tablets formulas that have the same results as the injections.


    To avoid getting injections of the HCG hormone is by using HCG drops or tablets. Supplementing with HCG drops or tablets is the best way to take HCG properly. Additionally you will need to follow an exact diet plan, low in calories.


    HCG reduces appetite and makes it easy for you to stay in the diet as you can only eat 500 calories a day.


    If you follow the diet and supplement with HGC drops or tablets, you are likely to see very favourable weight loss results over a very short period of time.


    You've taken the first step toward your weight loss goal! Now make the decision to start today and let us help you drop the kilos and cut the centimeters for life…you will not be disappointed!

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